Swim Raft Summers

Swim Raft Summers

As I book my family vacation for next summer I am reminded, once again, about the passage of time.

Eight years ago we had our first Northern Michigan vacation, my youngest son had yet to be born.

Nearly every summer since then the highlight of vacation for my kids has been the swim raft floating a few dozen yards from shore.

The idle wooden platform has provided more entertainment for my children than any expensive excursion ever could.

It is the most talked about memory from each and every family vacation. This last summer’s was disappointing because the swim raft was difficult to access and our cottage was not directly on the lake.

This tradition has carried over into our post divorce lives, a gentle reminder that while much has changed, many things have stayed the same.

Now, as I get ready to send in my deposit for a new rental for the summer of 2017 I am reminded that there are only so many swim raft summers remaining.

The man renting the cabin to me noted that my kids are the perfect age for the swim raft. His comment jolted me awake.

As my kids approach puberty they will inevitably lose interest in such a basic activity, I see other kids stop joining the fun around 12 or 13.

This means I’ve only got a couple of more years left of these most cherished swim raft summers.

The vision of my children jumping playfully from that raft on a warm sunny day in July warms me as I sit in this florescent lit cubicle, as physically and metaphorically removed from that moment as possible.

It will be replaced by other, grander adventures, but we will always look fondly upon those simple days when a lake and sunshine were enough, more than enough.

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