I am Jack Pearson (from This Is Us) 

I am Jack Pearson (from This Is Us) 

I am Jack Pearson from This Is Us. Well, not really, nor am I Milo Ventimiglia, the man who plays Jack. However, I am Jack Pearson the character.
I watch very little TV, but when I do it is as a means to connect with someone in my life. My girl likes the show and we watch it together. It’s a weekly tradition that we enjoy. 
I won’t get into the full commentary on the show, it definitely has its shortcomings and it is filled with unnecessary emotional drama and a full SJW agenda, but I find it impossible not to relate to Jack Pearson.

In the show, Jack is a father and husband. He has committed his life to raising his family and doing it well. He is honest, loving, and works his ass off in a cubicle job he hates so his family can benefit.

I am Jack Pearson, or I was anyway. Many of us are Jack Pearson.

Jack is probably an ISFJ. He constantly tries to recreate past events with loved ones. In one episode he takes his wife back to their first apartment for a romantic dinner so they can “recreate” the feelings attached to that event. It was his way of trying to rekindle their relationship.

Jack also sees himself as a provider to others, as their caretaker. Whenever someone has a problem Jack is right there trying to fix it for them or talk them through it. He feels personally responsible for making sure others are doing well.

Jack wanted to be a family all along. He convinced his reluctant wife Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, to have children despite her reservations and they ended up with triplets. A source of resentment apparent in her character throughout the show.

Everyone loves Jack, but he puts everyone else before himself. He is romantic and attentive, but takes no time for his own pursuits. As a recovering alcoholic is like a ticking time bomb. He can only bottle things up for so long before they burst.

The show flips back and forth often from present day, where Jack had been deceased for many years, to a time 20-30 years earlier when Jack was a dedicated family man.

In the recent episodes, however, the story is pulling closer and closer to explaining how Jack died. All that is known at this point is that Jack dies at some point when his kids look to be teenagers.

In the latest episode Jack has his red pill moment, only he may not survive to swallow it and see the truth.

Jack’s wife is a lounge singer a few nights a week. It’s something Jack doesn’t like but feels powerless to object to in the spirit of not wanting to “hold her back”. It’s a common feeling many modern men feel I am certain. We see things unfolding that aren’t right, but cultural forces leave us powerless.

Rebecca’s band member seems to look at her with desire. Jack is aware of this and doesn’t like that they are about to embark on a month long tour together, but again, he is trying to be the supportive husband and shoulder all of the responsibility so Rebecca can “chase her dreams”.

Then Jack gets slammed with the truth. In a casual convo he finds out that his wife Rebecca used to date this “guy not to worry about” band member, and she had failed to tell him this. He confronts her about this lie and she gaslights him with the “it isn’t important, didn’t mean anything anyway lie”.

Jack storms off to have dinner, on Valentine’s Day, at the place he was supposed to go with his wife. Again, they go to the same place each year to recreate the tradition. Only this time he orders a drink and is seen slamming it down as the episode fades. I can only suspect this is the tragic end of Jack Pearson, who will probably die tragically on his way home leaving his wife guilt ridden.

But the real tragedy here is that I am, or could have been, Jack Pearson. I was in the same situation as Jack not so many years ago. Jack was fighting a culture to keep his family solid and stable, only to find that the culture was winning. His wife had put the ideals of modernism ahead of the tradition of family. Jack was too nice to stop it early on.

Then he found out that none of his sacrifices were appreciated. Even more so, he found out that his accommodations were met with deceit. His wife had lied to him; she had selfishly taken advantage of the man she would proclaim to others was “the perfect husband”. The man who sold his sports car for a station wagon and helped her pursue her dreams.

Jack Pearson learned the reality of the red pill straight away in a single night. It all boiled over. He was a “nice guy” who had hit the breaking point. Only he didn’t live to tell the tale.

There’s irony in the fact that Jack Pearson only left a legacy because he died young and tragically. 

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 10 – Quintus Curtius

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 10 – Quintus Curtius

Quintus Curtius (qcurtius.com/) joins me to talk about travel, Syria, and knowledge for men. Quintus is a regular columnist at Return of Kings (www.returnofkings.com/author/quintus-curtius) and also has an active twitter feed (twitter.com/QuintusCurtius), You can find Aaron Clarey’s book, The Curse of the High IQ here: amzn.to/2l1yo0R. If you enjoy this show please leave a review on iTunes and you may contribute here: www.patreon.com/realmarkbaxter Thank you for your support and enjoy the show!

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 9 – Michael Sebastian

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 9 – Michael Sebastian

As family men, Michael Sebastian and I look at the big picture of Western Civilization. Can it be saved? What can each of us do? How long will this tantrum by the left last?

Michael is known for his blog posts over at Return of Kings where he takes a red pill look at marriage and family. Micheal and I share a common goal of raising virtuous children in this degenerate culture, no easy task.

We cover a lot of ground in this show. Great guest, great conversation. Give it a listen.

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The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 8 – Black Label Logic

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 8 – Black Label Logic

Black Label Logic (blacklabellogic.com) joins me this week for a tremendous discussion about his self-described topics, Red Pill Logic and Gendernomics. This deep, challenging look into the true nature of gender relations is a must listen. He has taken Red Pill ideas and broken them down and reconstructed them over and over to to be sure they can hold up under intense scrutiny.

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The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 7 – Financial Samurai

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 7 – Financial Samurai

Popular personal finance blogger Sam, from financialsamurai.com, joins me for this very informative episode.

We start off covering the blogging scene and then quickly move into a discussion on the current economic climate and what that means for the common man.

This is a great episode and I am very thankful that Sam gave some of his precious time for my listeners to learn from a man who has seen a few things.

I found myself taking notes during this show as if I was just a listener. You don’t want to miss this!

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The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 6 – Rollo Tomassi and Ed Latimore

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 6 – Rollo Tomassi and Ed Latimore

In this blockbuster episode of The Mark Baxter Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing two giants in this corner of the net – Rollo Tomassi and Ed Latimore.

Rollo Tomassi is the legendary red pill blogger at The Rational Male and author of two popular books that are a must read for any man.

Ed Latimore is a heavyweight boxer and physics student who blogs and tweets life changing self-improvement advice.

In this show we talk a great deal about red pill theory, but we also get deep into what men can do right now to help themselves, help their families, and help their nations.

This is a can’t miss show packed with knowledge. We also hysterically make fun of “pink pussy guy” quite a bit. See here for reference.

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The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 5 – Jack Murphy

The Mark Baxter Podcast Episode 5 – Jack Murphy

Wow! What a conversation this was. Jack Murphy joined me on the show for a two hour discussion that left us both energized and feeling solidified in our missions. We talked about everything from his recent encounters with Richard Spencer to how to save families in western culture.

We reference both Mike Cernovich and Rollo Tomassi as well in this show, we covered it all.

We both shared some of our most intimate details about life as single fathers and what divorce has both given us and taken away from us. We have both found our lives enriched by discovery of Jordan Peterson and his lectures and we take time to look back the political movement that culminated in the election of Donald Trump.

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